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SearchImage Command 1.0

Sort of like a mini Pandoras Box from in the game - FIXED

  1. Lokai
    Install: Drop in customs
    Use: [SearchImage
    Optional: type a number to begin browsing from that image
    What it Does: Browses through the Image list, like Pandoras Box or InsideUO, etc.

    Sorry no pictures. TRY IT. The Plus and Minus buttons at the top let you browse additional images.

    Bonus Features:

    1. You can search by name.
    2. You can browse using helpful categories along the bottom
    3. You can hide the middle window for easier view (Stealth Mode)
    4. You can add one or Tile using the buttons provided
    5. The window hides out of the way while adding
    6. A button will show details about the Item not visible using [props alone
    7. Button at bottom right brings up a window to let you browse alphabetically.


    Fixed bug caused by Static keyword, which was making it so that 2 players using the gump at the same time would try to share a static filtered list of index values, causing potential for crash, since their index could then be forced beyond the allowed range.

    Fixed the bug where only first 20,000 images were correct. They were displaying in the gump right, but my buttons were coded for only 20,000 images, so for example ... image 31,200 would come up as image 11,200 because my system would subtract 20,000 from it.

Recent Reviews

  1. Felladrin
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome script! A must-have for staff members! Thanks for sharing!