Edits made to both names.xml and EnragedCreatures.cs
Its basically your generic run of the mill killer bunny rabbit. Or it would be if I didn't decide to tackle on a bunch of various effects in order to try and make it stand out from the crowd, even if the coding is a bit on the simple side.

For starters, it has a breath attack where both sound/item ids have been changed up (it shoots spears at the players). Once it turns on the player, most likely due to its aura of flatulence (which unlike most auras, this one will go after gms), it'll then immediately summon up to five killer pants before sicking a wasp swarm onto the player. If they try to attack the rabbit by any means they'll have random objects (crates, barrels, you name it) thrown at them. If they manage to actually kill the bunny and also have ingame music enabled, they'll be granted to victory music (best to change stock tune to something more appropriate for a victory tune), burst into flames and then farted upon. Also because this is a champion, I felt obligated to change the gold timer from its original source into one that spawns cheese wheels (because why not), replaced the sound ids with various male/female woohoos, burps, and farts which lasts for about a minute. And to make it even better, in order to get any actual loot from the creature involves corpse carving, which means anyone bold enough to do such a thing will immediately burst into flames, be farted upon, and also be poisoned as a result, plus have their name broadcast to the world letting them know what the player just did and how they need to be punished as a result. Doesn't help that the loot variety is a subtle shoutout to Ultima 6 where one corpse had like up to a dozen spears on them.

Installation Instructions:
Add this to your customs folder. Then in names.xml in your RunUO Data folder add this:

<namelist type="parrot">
Crackers given to some random,
carrot on my,
You know who needs a home this,
Won't you think of the poor,
Titsmcgee I see a,
Don't touch my,
I recently owned an obnoxious,
Noodles on top of my,
SumDumFuk who never really liked this,
the spoony,
Rhymes with Digger and resembles this one particular,
Poofles the vacuous,
Go on tame this son of a,
Ah Shit a,
Screw you,
Biggy Smalls up on this,
Mein Fuher where is my,
Geek Maggot Bingo with the,
El Diablo who hated this,
Crap I am a silly little,
Spank that,
But don't spank this,
I can't find my

This is needed because both the rabbit and the minions it summons used those names and yes the name list was originally meant for a parrot. You probably would also need to edit out some names for any easily offended players who're feebleminded enough to even bother going after this bugger.

Next go into your scripts folder, look for EnragedCreatures.cs which will probably be in the Summons folder and add this:

[CorpseName( "a pair of pants" )]
public class EnragedRunningPants: BaseEnraged
public EnragedRunningPants( Mobile summoner ) : base( summoner )
Name = NameList.RandomName( "parrot" );
Title = "pair of running pants";
Body = 430;

public override int GetIdleSound() { return 1320; }
public override int GetAttackSound() { return 1346; }
public override int GetAngerSound() { return 1354; }
public override int GetHurtSound() { return 1344; }
public override int GetDeathSound() { return 1343; }

public EnragedRunningPants( Serial serial ) : base( serial )
public override void Serialize( GenericWriter writer )
base.Serialize( writer );
writer.Write( (int) 0 );
public override void Deserialize( GenericReader reader )
base.Deserialize( reader );
int version = reader.ReadInt();

Don't think adding the corpse name is needed since the summon disappears whenever its owner is taken out.

Once you have all that taken care of, it should boot up without any warnings or errors.

Let me know what you think. Had a ton of fun making this and if anything its one of the few scripts I made that contributed towards me fixing a ton of coding issues with my server, especially when it came to needing to add a carved = true; return at the end of the carved override or else the corpse would continue to basically give out free loot every time you targeted it with a bladed weapon.
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