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Gargoyle Player Vendor Kit 2016-02-21

Gargoyle Player Vendors

  1. Hammerhand
    This lil thing will give your players the chance to have a Gargoyle race player vendor, complete with the choice of facial & head horns. The names XML file replaces the stock file in your Data folder to give the TerMur garg vendors new names instead of the old default ones & the How To file contains the coding to make the TerMur vendors use those names. Just a lil something I cooked up a while back for fun.

    ScreenHunter_52 Feb. 21 09.14.jpg ScreenHunter_53 Feb. 21 09.15.jpg ScreenHunter_54 Feb. 21 09.15.jpg ScreenHunter_55 Feb. 21 09.15.jpg