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Gold and Token Shower 1.0

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This is a simple command that spawns a shower of gold or tokens with an effect taken from the champion gold spawn and is completely configurable, you can set the amount of piles you would like, the minimum and maximum amount per stack, and set a radius on how far you would like the shower to extend.

I have included the following:

Gold Shower, spawns piles of gold.
Token Shower, spawns piles of tokens (note: this is based on OWLTR and the Tokens are named Daat99Tokens, this may need to be changed for your shard)
Mixed Shower, spawns a mixture of gold and tokens at a roughly 50/50 rate but it is of course random.

The command can be used as follows:
[(Gold/Token/Mixed)Shower NumberOfPiles MinimumAmountPerPile MaximumAmountPerPile Radius
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