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Ultimate Universal Dye Tub 1.0

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This now works with Ethereal Mounts!

I could not find the original download for this script but all original author headers were left in-tact, it was originally on RunUO as part of a Hue Room Generation pack so I have included that script as well. I have updated the code to pull gold from your backpack/bank balance using the new banking system and have fixed ethereals so they are properly hued.

This will allow you to dye anything in the game within reason or as long as you can shove it in your pack, all worn items, pets and ethereals! As this has always been written it will charge you for dying pets which is now configurable per dye tub in game or you can change it in one location in the script to effect all tubs.

The hue room generation script will spawn tubs in a 30x100 spaced roughly 1 tile apart of all hues from 0-2999
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