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Plant Sprinklers 3.0

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Vita Nex
This is a Plant Sprinkler system based off Avelyn-Runuo's Plant Water Sprinkler, and updated from Dramoor's code with permission to repost an updated version.

Versions of the Sprinkler included are:
Cure Sprinkler
Heal Sprinkler
Poison Sprinkler
Strength Sprinkler
Water Sprinkler

Each comes with an infinite version which will do the exact same thing but has no uses and requires no filling.

Other than some general code cleanup the bug where you would drop a stack and it would consume all but count as 1 has been fixed.

As this stands this version uses Vita Nex to allow items dropped back in your pack to stack with existing items, if you want to remove the dependency in each of the normal sprinklers look for these lines:
and change them to:

-This is drag and drop into your folder of choice.
-To use they must be locked down in the house.
-They hold 1000 uses and do not break on empty just need to be refilled.
-Potions or Keg must be of Greater Quality, potions can be dropped directly onto the sprinkler to fill individually or as a stack, this can also be filled with a keg and it will add the amount of potions in the keg to potions remaining. It will return any remaining potions, empty bottles or keg to your backpack.
-Should work with most aspects so if it needs 1 it will give 1, or if it needs 2 will give 2. I also added in for the potion parts if it needs 2 but has 1, will give 1.
-Changed the Sprinkler Container to now hold 100 uses on fill from water source for drag/drop onto the water sprinkler for filling it up.
-Should also work with friends/co-owners based off of security setting on the sprinkler, this has not been fully tested.
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