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HarborMaster 2015-01-07

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Thanks to whom ever wrote this. From the good ole days of UO
Here is the HarborMaster similar to what OSI used between 1997-1999. On speech (Dock) he will offer to dry dock your ship for 25 gold. Targeting cursor will appear to target the tillerman, and a ship model added to pack. Slightly different from the original, with this you can re-launch the boat as you would presently, but you won't be able to dry dock without a HarborMaster in range. Backup your files. These are modded distros from ServUo 54,
Merge or replace.

This should add some role playing feel to dock areas. I also like the fact that players are more likely to have a key in their pack to be looted or stolen. Great for PVP or PVM shards.

One of my many fond memories of this game. More info here:
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