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HarborMaster 2015-01-07

Npc that dry docks boats

  1. RedBeard
    Thanks to whom ever wrote this. From the good ole days of UO
    Here is the HarborMaster similar to what OSI used between 1997-1999. On speech (Dock) he will offer to dry dock your ship for 25 gold. Targeting cursor will appear to target the tillerman, and a ship model added to pack. Slightly different from the original, with this you can re-launch the boat as you would presently, but you won't be able to dry dock without a HarborMaster in range. Backup your files. These are modded distros from ServUo 54,
    Merge or replace.

    This should add some role playing feel to dock areas. I also like the fact that players are more likely to have a key in their pack to be looted or stolen. Great for PVP or PVM shards.

    One of my many fond memories of this game. More info here:
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