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Ilshenar/britain deco fixes 2015-09-22

Ilshenar decoration

  1. Kilra Yan
    Client 7.0.45
    These instructions are my 7.0.45 deco fixes especially for Ilshenar and britain:

    go to ...\Data\Decoration\Ilshenar

    rename adding .bck in the end of :
    - golemsandjukas.cfg
    - gargoylecity.cfg

    Make a backup of Data/Decoration/Britannia/britain.cfg

    Put my files in ServUO

    You now will have correct deco for blackthorn castle (britain felucca & trammel) and removed doors and bad hovering deco for ilshenar where previously took place the gargoyle city and now there are some strange crystals.