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In Depth Anatomy Skill 2020-05-12

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I've always found the Anatomy skill fairly boring to use on NPCs and other players and somewhat useless in terms of the information it gives as an "on use" skill. So, I've overhauled the Skill to a format that allows the user to get a load of more information when inspecting the creature or player by presenting them with a useful gump based off of the animal lore skill. It's basically animal lore for non-tamable creatures.

The anatomy gump for NPCs is in depth and contains 6 pages of info on the them, while the gump for other players is more restrictive and only contains basic stats. I thought that the ability to inspect all of another player's skills might be too powerful.
Also, I've made it so the skill isn't usable on tamable creatures; this is so that it doesn't overlap purpose with animal lore since their use is so similar.

Anyway, I'd like to hear opinions and critiques.
Hope you all enjoy!

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