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Lockpickable/Trappable doors 2015-01-31

Doors players can lock, picklock and trap

  1. kgilmore
    I wish to thank Enroq for putting reposting this on RunUo . I am sorry say though that it is incomplete. I have modified it to work on ServUO so that it is mostly drag and drop. There are some distro files that I modified, if you haven't modified yours you can just over write yours with these. I have made this resource so that all doors (dungeon and custom alike) are lockable and trappable. The custom house can no longer have security lvl set, though at the moment that don't matter unless the house is public. I haven't yet been able to figure out how to let other players enter the house with out permission, everything posted I tried didn't work. When a new custom house is bought be it classic or AOS custom, will need to have locks installed in it via locksmithing tools. A key will be given to you, this key is not blessed and can be stolen, lost, Ect... I your haven't made a copy and placed it in the bank and your house is locked, well you either better be good at lockpicking or know someone who is. LOL. If one of you could help me figure out how to let players enter the house (will need mods for both custom and classic), I would appreciate you posting along with this resource. Thank you in advance.

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