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Map Issue Tracker 1.0.4

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What Is This?
I created this when I was working on a server with a heavily customized map, and because of that we ran into many broken map tiles(Falling below ground, unmovable, etc) so this was designed to easily keep track of issues needing to fixed.

Installation and ServUO version

To install simply unzip the file to /Scripts/Custom/

Tested with ServUO Publish 54

Initial setup, you will only need to do this once:
Create a World Map Issue Tracker(Only create one!) using [[WMT (Yes, two [['s). I suggest creating it somewhere that is staff only, such as Green Acres.

Managing Issues
To view map issues type [MapTracker or [mt and the following gump will appear:

From here you can see where, a description and who created the map issue. You can also go to and delete the issue from this gump.
(I added a created by user to the gump after taking this screenshot)

Adding issues
Type [AddMapProblem or [amp <description>
Ex: [amp ITS GREEN
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