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Mobile Statues ver 3

Statue that comes to life and attacks

  1. zerodowned
    Now with a Base script to cut down on the amount of coding needed to make new Mobile Statues.

    Credit to Talow for the idea and helping me with the script.

    What is it?
    A mobile on a platform with frozen animation to look like a statue.
    If you come within 1 tile it awakens and attacks you.
    If you run 15+ tiles away it goes back to it's platform and freezes again.

    Built in "Resource type" that changes the drop on death.

    To test animation and frame numbers for creating a new mobile, see my tool: Animation Locator + Freeze Frame

    Will not trigger with Staff, only Players.

    It's currently set to Blessed so you can't attack it until you awaken it.
    This can cause a "visual" issue because of the yellow targeting hue.
    Small issue but doesn't actually cause issues. I'll figure out a work around.


    1. mobile statue.JPG
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