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Monster Stealing 1.1

Missing Content, More Accurate Mobiles

  1. RedBeard
    This is the Monster Stealing system http://www.uoguide.com/Monster_Stealables

    This was created by someone else, I have updated it for ServUo and improved upon it by adding more creatures.
    Only a few edits necessary, if you choose you may drag and drop the files as they are from the newest ServUo version. If you have custom scripts find comments at:
    BaseCreature.cs Line 258 addition for monster stealables
    Line 812 added sound for 'SpillAcid'
    Stealing.cs Line 337 addition for monster stealables

    also updated some mobiles:
    Solen Queens and Warriors: spit acid, drop acid on death, and queens spawn egg that hatches helpers.

    All aura creatures do their respective aura abilities
    Fire Ant drops Hot Goo
    Interred Grizzle drops acid pool
    Added Winter Reaper
    Sir Patrick does Life Drain
    Semidar Life Drain
    Szavetra now acts like a Succubus
    Bronze Elemental Does Gas Attack
    Dull Copper Elemental explodes on death doing area damage
    Valorite Elemental does Gas Attack

    Bonus*** Fixed all Ore Elementals to have immunity to level 4 poison
    Drop correct ore amounts
    Verite Elemental damages armor

    Still working on Lady of the Snow, blackrock creatures and a few more; which will be released here as updates.

    Everything tested working, I made the effects and sounds as accurate as I can remember. (havn't played a pay shard in 7 years)
    Please post comments or inaccuracies if you are aware of any.
    This is a great system gives thieves an exclusive market as well as players a different challenge to fighting certain creatures.

    Mage-Ranged-Melee combat all plays into creature abilities