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Moongate System 1.3

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Well, first....who was the jerk who made it so you you had to leave the gump open when you were placing Moongates? Oh right...
So I added a toggle to put an item in your pack which opens the gump so you can close it and then open it when you need to.

And in response to an issue I was completely unaware existed until it was called to my attention...which I failed to figure out...I added the option to have the Moongate describe the destination scene.
You need to place the controller. Get the placement tool. Then get the decorator tool. Double click the tool and it'll launch the gump. Right click to abort, OKAY to execute.
You can also add the decorator tool directly....but, as it needs to be associated with the moongate controller, it'll prompt you to target the controller before pulling up the gump.

I intentionally made it a bit more work to get one doesn't accidentally double or triple place moongates. I mean, again, I did include a catch so unless the controller is empty, it won't give you the decorator...but that doesn't stop it from placing a set of duplicate moongates on a different controller.
Just something to keep in mind. Though...if this does's easy to remove by just deleting the controller.

The decorator should be easy to follow, if you want to change it or add another.
And I just remembered that I forgot to give Umbra a black that could probably get changed.

Feel free to customize all of these for your shard. I don't need credit but don't claim them as your own and leave me feedback or any tips and suggestions you might have....I mean...other than learn how to make nice looking gumps.
This is the update. Fixed a number of bugs. Added optional gump. Removed LostLands will probably get prompted to delete all instances at startup if you had the previous version.
See description.