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Moongate System 1.3

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A good attitude. It's plug and play so it should just work.
This is a system that I have been wanting to put together for a long time. I've always preferred the old OSI moongate system....where you merely see a description of the destinations rather than a klunky gump which takes away some of the fantasy element of the game. I've created other incarnations, but this was the direction I've wanted to go...I just lacked the skills in the past. I thought it was always fun when you're fleeing an opponent and just run through the gate to unknown locations. The menu gump slows all that down....however, as some people really like this GUMP, I've give the option to use it or not.

The first thing you need to do is place the Moongate Controller with [add Moongatecontroller
Double click on the thing, and it will open up this gump. Yours, of course, will be empty until you start adding moongates.

At the top, you have a text entry box which names the circuit with whatever custom name you want to give it. You can have multiple circuits, all with their own controllers. This is cosmetic, just so the GM can identify which circuit the placement tool or moongate is a member of.
Next there's the cycle time. Default is 60 seconds. This is the frequency that the moongates are cycled.
Then there's the Voice option. Checkbox enables it. This makes the moongate display the description and newbie titles (if applicable) each time it picks a new destination. The text box is the keyword to say, in case you missed the description when it changed.
Then we have two columns of moongates. On the left is the number....this doesn't have a lot of meaning other than it indicates the which number in the array and the color indicates which facet it's on. Next to that is a Properties button which pulls up the properties gump. And then the Moongate Newbie Name. These are Red (allows criminal or murderer), Gray (not active) and Blue (everything else).
At the bottom there's Restart Cycle. This is for when many of the moongates get into the same in, they're all going to the same place when there are multiple open options. Click this and they'll select the next available gate after themself.
Newbie Names will display the Town name in the properties (when you hold the cursor on the object) When this isn't selected, they just display the description.
Next is OKAY. This sends the checked boxes and text entry box information to the controller. Left click is like cancel which closes the gump.
Then the Interface Tool. This toggles an item which will bring up the Moongate Controller GUMP. Allows you to work on moongates without needing to keep the GUMP open.
And last is Toggle Placement Tool. This either places an associated placement tool in your pack or removes one already present. You can only carry ONE placement tool at a time...including from other controllers.

** There is a MAX of 36 gates per controller **
At first, I was going to have the selections on more than one page but realized, as I put this together, one page of 36 should be good enough for any typical UO shard....with a few spots extra.

The placement Tool gump pops up when you double click the tool.

Newbie Name is the named area where the gate is placed.
Description should be what the area around the looks like. I THINK these might be official....

Britain ... see a road to the east and mountains in the distance to the west.
Moonglow ... see a small escarpment to the south and a large city to the North.
Magincia (original) ... see what appears to be a small peninsula covered in lush foliage.
Magincia (destroyed) ... see what appears to be a small peninsula covered in destruction.
Skara Brae ... see a small city to the south, while a vast ocean lies in all other directions.
Trinsic ... see a large sandstone city standing on a far bank of the river to the north.
Minoc ... can just make out a road to the southwest and a river to the north.
Yew ... see deep forest on all sides.
Jhelom ... see a vast body of water to the east while to the west a city can be seen nearby.
New Haven ... see a town to the north overlooking a harbor.

Next we have the keys to each facet and the Underworld. The Underworld is just the regions beyond the surface map on Felucca and Trammel which includes dungeons, Green Acres and The Lost Lands.
Use Gump checkbox turns on (or off) the Gump for the specific gate. They don't all need gumps.
Then there are the restrictions. Only Out is a one way moongate....which doesn't show in the gump or the cycle....but obviously still shows in the controller gump. Allow Criminal and Allow Murderer turn the gate red (on the other side). And then faction sigil....yeah...don't quite understand how this works...been a while since I've played with factions.
Decorator Tool places an item in your pack which is used for automatically placing the gates in standard locations (file should be easy to understand and edit....perhaps I should have documented that more)
And OKAY Creates the moongate with all the selected options.

When you double-click on the Moongate Decorator , this pops up. You can either right-click to close and cancel or OKAY to Decorate.

The Properties has been updated with these new options.
Moongate Properties update.jpg

Is Active is exactly how it sounds. When it's not checked, the gate cannot be used and turns white.
ItemID shows whatever graphic you want for the moongate. This only displays at the moongate....not at the destination (as it does for the normal graphics).
Go To takes you to the moongate.
Remove deletes the moongate.
And once again OKAY sends these changes to the moongate and/or controller.

The Moongate Gump. It's not super pretty....but it's functional.
Moongate Gump.jpg

The top displays the moongate circuit it belongs to.
Next is the list of gates. Blue button to the left selects that destination. If you can't go to a gate, for whatever reason (you're a murderer or criminal and can't go to blue gates....or the gate has been turned inactive....or the gate hasn't had Malas unlocked(for example)) they won't show in the list.

In addition to these three core files, I've included the Facet Key. It's default is Felucca and it deletes after it's used. It's set up so you can create a mob or quest to create an instance of it with the desired facet to lock/unlock. Or you can [props it and change it on the fly.

I've also included the Gate command. It's like the Go command but it opens a gate. I don't know why this wasn't a standard tool in the beginning.
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