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MyRunUO for ServUO 1

Website and server scripts to display character, guild, and shard information for ServUO Ultima Onli

  1. Ixtabay
    ServUO, php 5+, MySQL, MUL files from first SA client.
    Updated 4 JAN 2014

    This is a complete drop in website to replace the old MyRunUO.

    Scripts are included and have been updated for ServUO. Please read the installation instructions included.

    • Status checker on home page that shows whether or not your shard is online, and how many players, etc.
    • Automatically creates help page and logo based on your shard information (edit config file)
    • No coding necessary
    • All source included, psd, sql, .cs, .php
    • All images included
    Go easy, it's been awhile since I coded and this was done over the Christmas break.

    You can see it working here.


    1. guilds.jpg
    2. home.jpg
    3. players.jpg
    4. shard_info.jpg
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  1. cmileto
    Version: 1
    Pretty damn impressive. Ty for this.