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CEO's Slots, Blackjack, and HiLo 2.1

Updated for ServUO, All credit to the amazing CEO.

  1. Ixtabay
    ServUO / RunUO v2.3+
    First off, I take absolutely no credit whatsoever for these amazing scripts. All credit goes to CEO of EasyUO / Alexandria.

    These scripts add a fun gold sink to your shard, including slot machines, video blackjack, and Hi Lo Cards. There is also a leaderboard and all machines are highly configurable.

    Unzip the attached resource to your custom scripts folder, then "[add TurboSlot" to place your slot machines, then "[add TurboSlotStats" to setup the leaderboard.

    Double click on the leaderboard, and then the icon in the upper right, as show in the image below.
    Slots2.jpg Configure your slot machines to your liking and activate.
    Slots3.jpg Add some decorations and voila! You and your players will love your new casino!

Recent Reviews

  1. Laki
    Version: 2.1
    Amazing and fun! Was very easy to setup.