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SkillBallPlus.cs 2.3

[add SkillBallPlus

  1. Ixtabay
    Helpfull item if you want to give players a boost, plus items to go with selected skills. Set your SkillBallPlus to a number of skills and level you want to raise them. The player will receive helpful items in their backpack based on their selections.

    The SkillBallPlus can be added to character backpack on character creation, or can be added manually. Default is 5 skills to level 85, but it can be changed to whatever you want.

    SkillBallPlus is immovable, so they cannot be dropped or traded.
    SkillBallPlus_1.jpg SkillBallPlus_2.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Updated: Expansion and Gargoyle aware now