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New BODs 2016-05-17

No permission to download
Just a small bit of coding to add into ServUO, nothing major..
Carpentry & Fletching BODs with a few deco rewards, Ancient Carpentry & BowFletching hammers (like the Ancient Smithy Hammers), an actual way for players to get the Runic Dovetail Saws & Runic Fletcher Tools, Gloves of Lumberjacking, Carpentry & Fletching that add +1, +3 or +5 skill in random wood hues, Stain of Durability (like the Powder of Temperament), a 2nd Bulk Order Book w/ Inscription coding for crafting and even a bit of gold here & there. Like I said, nothing major. ;)

Also includes scripts for wood hue crafting fix if you want to use them.
Any problems, let me know & I'll get back to work on them.