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New pet perch's 1.0

pet perch's

  1. Hammerhand
    Decided to have a bit of fun. Made an Eagle Perch w/ Eagle you can rename. Then that wasnt good enough, so I did another for a ChickenLizard. Tried to do one for a Boura, but it wouldnt climb up on the perch (I think it was afraid of heights), so I said screw it. Anywho, here they are.. If you want to use them, go for it. If not, then dont. :p Addons can be added into Carp menu along with the ParrotPerchAddonDeed. Eagle & ChickenLizard items can be added to drops. Unfortunately, the ChickenLizardItem is a static image, where the eagle isnt. I couldnt find a body that worked. Using the critters BodyID gave me part of a stone wall for the item, so I just used the static one. ScreenHunter_127 Sep. 28 09.58.jpg ScreenHunter_128 Sep. 28 09.58.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. sahisahi
    Version: 1.0
    very good
  2. Shazzy
    Version: 1.0
    I wanted the boura, but, eh will settle for these :]