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OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54 2

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Yup.. a new one. All of the bugs have been sprayed, most died & a few got squished.. 2 new BoD's have been added. Carpentery & BowFletch. :D
Heres a "brief" discription.. (borrowed from a much older OWLTR release, altered where needed)

5 custom ores, 11 custom woods and 7 custom leather all based on 120 skill cap.
Full elementals tree that include all metals, wood and leather.
Each of them hold the resource and when spawned by gargoyles tool a runic item with 5 charges as well.
Master of The Arts npc is a bard\poison immuned mini champ npc. once he'll be killed he'll spawn 2 random crafting ps in the players backpack (it count pets attacks too and will give the ps to the pet owner), also he'll have 20% to add a random runic item (hammer\fletcher\sewing\tinker) with 10 charges to the players that got ps, a chance for gargoyles pickaxe\axe\knife and Lumberjacking\ProspectorsTool.
Master of The Arts can be spawned using champion spawn platform in which case he'll hand 5 ps instead of 2.
2 new BoD's.. Fletcher & Carpentry. *grins*
The Master Storage System will hold resources that relate to each deed (tailors storage will hold leather...).

The bank hive act as a banker using verbal commands & as a bank bell using double click.
The Mage Storage will hold reagents & blank scrolls.
Runic Storage will hold runic tools and combine them.
Tool Storage will hold tools according to category for example if you add hammer with 50 charges and saw with 50 charges you'll get hammer with 100 charges since they both use carpentry.
Bards Storage will hold Instruments, storing the exceptional, charges & slayers.
Alchemist Storage holes potions, kegs & bottles.
Tailor Storage holes cloth, leather, hides, cotton, wool & flax. Can craft from storage.
Jeweler Storage holes the default gems.
MLResource Storage holds the resources brought by ML.
Miner storage holds ingots, granite & sand. Can craft from storage.
Cook Storage holds cookable foods & ingredients.
Tool Storage holds...... tools.
Woodworker Storage holds, you guessed it.. the woods & also bolts, arrows, shafts & feathers. Bows & crossbows can be fired with ammo in the storage pack.
Scriber Storage holds blank scrolls & spell scrolls.
Key rings used to craft the custom craftables, it intended to be a rare item that'll be given as a reward for events or sold for large amounts of gold\tokens... that was integrated in order to make the items rare and not too common.
The Deeds are craftable, but at a high resource cost.
Repair deeds can be made by crafters.
The reagents inside the Master Storage are used when casting spells.
Champion spawn cleaner will delete all the corpses that does not belong to players every time a new white skull will be spawned. You can set it to on\off and to gather the gold and spawn it later if you wish in the settings file.
The Mule is a pack mount that can be set to smelt ores like a forge. when it spawned with master of the arts and tamed first it'll spawn the leather in his pack. When spawned normaly it'll just smelt ores, no leather.
Runic Tinker tools and Fletcher tools can be used to craft runic jewlery and bows.
Token system that will get you tokens when you kill mobs and complete bods.
Token Lottery system to gamble the players tokens away.
Armors of Crafting: Full body armor that give crafting skill bonus for mining\blacksmith\tailoring\lumberjacking\fletching & carpentry, available via bod rewards.
Charged Dye Tubs: Charged dye tubs that can dye leather armor, metal armor or metal weapons (different tubs), they have charges and the player can combine 2 tubs from the same type to 1 tub with more charges (dclick the first tub then click the tub you want to combine with, the second tub will be deleted), The tub dyes in the color it's hued with so if gm customize the hue it'll dye with that hue. Players can select hue by targeting the tub and select hue from the normal hue pickers, available via bod rewards.
Masters Knife: A knife that'll return 20% more leather when used to carve monsters, available via bod rewards.
Tailors Protector: weapon that'll have 33%-40% to deal 10-25 extra damage if the player have over 100 tailoring, available via bod rewards.
Smithers Protector: weapon that'll have 33%-40% to deal 10-25 extra damage if the player have over 100 blacksmithy, available via bod rewards.
Bag of Resources: a bag that'll hold ores logs and hides (won't hold ingots or boards) and make them weight 0, available via bod rewards. Based on ArteGordon's Bag of Holding script.
Recipe Crafting: When enabled (via owltr control center) will require the players to learn recipes to craft items. The players will have "daat99 holder" entry in a static hash table that contain list of items. Any items not in that list will be craftable to that player which means if you add something later on they'll be able to craft it, also when enabled they'll drop on mobs that use the PackReg and Packgold methods.
Recipe Harvesting: When enabled (via owltr control center as part of the recipe crafting) will make players need to learn how to mine\lumber resources higher then iron\log, there's no recipe harvesting for leather at this time.
Colored Scissors: When used to cut leather armor they'll give twice the amount of leather (they're normal scissors when used on anything else).
Colored Loom: When used to create cloth it'll need only 3 balls of yarn instead of normal loom that need 5.
Dedication recipe: When enabled the players will have 2 counters, 1 will count the amount of items they craft (cumulative) and the other will check the time. Every time the player craft something it add 1 to the items counter and check the time, if it's time and he have over 100 items crafted then he'll be "inspired" to learn how to craft something new. Each inspiration will deduct 100 items from the items counter and add 24 hours to the time counter.
Sharpening Blade: That's a high end blacksmith bod reward that'll let players enhance weapons up to 50 damange increase (55 if it's exceptional weapon).
Missing Recipes Command: When the Players will use the [MissingRecipes they'll get a gump that'll list all the recipes he still need to learn.
Personal Statue + Deed: When a player will double click on a personal statue deed he'll get a statue in his backpack that is named after him and when the statue is double clicked it'll add sounds and make the player say some stuff.
Daat99Holder Command: In order to manipulate which items a specific player can craft and what resources he can work with an administrator can do [daat99holder command and target the player, than all he need is to select the apropriate action in the gump..
Token System Description:
Token System: A token system with much less lag then you used to :)
The tokens are stored as a variable in a "token ledger" which make it without the endless lag of countless of tokens around the world.
Tokens are given based on a complex formula that takes into account most of the factors that make monsters strong and harder to kill rather then the simple fame == reward and those kinds.
The Token Ledger is part of the Master Storage Pack, as is the Gold Ledger.
Token Stone (which is basically the Ultimate Prize Stone by Raelis): When you [add tokenstone in game the currency is auto set to the currency the tokens uses (daat99tokens), you can change the currency to whatever you want, ThanX Raelis for great script :)
Players can make Token Checks when using the token ledger gump (gm's can make them with [add tokencheck #amount#).
Lady Luck Lottery & Exchange: Lady Luck is an npc that sell lottery tickets and exchange gold\tokens.
Lady luck will sell lottery tickets only if the EnableLottery property is set to true in [props on Lady Luck.
Each ticket cost 1k tokens (taken from the players token ledger).
The lottery is set to repeat every 168 hours (can be changed with [props on her).
There will always be a winner and the reward will be half the cost of the tickets sold since the last drawing.
If nobody claimed his reward then the reward will be added to the next drawing reward (half the cost of tickets).
The players can use [lottery to tell them when the next drawing will take place, which ticket won the last drawing and what was the reward.
To claim your reward just drop the ticket on LadyLuck and she'll tell you if you won or not.
In case you won there'll be a nice fireworks above you and you'll get token check and fireworks wand.
Lady luck will exchange token\gold only if the EnableExchange property is set to true in the [props on Lady luck.
Token\gold exchange rate is set to 500gold=1token by default, this can be changed in [props TokensCostInGold property.
Safe Trash 4 Tokens Backpack: is basically my safe backpack script that give the player 3 minutes to get his stuff out of the pack.
It will give you a 2-5 tokens reward for every item that is NOT stackable (won't reward bandages\gold etc but it'll delete them). Also will not allow Tokens, Gold or Blessed items to be dropped in.
It'll add the tokens to the player token ledger and show him a message that tell him how much tokens he got and thank him for cleaning the shard.
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