Oz's Static Gump (An in Game Pandora's Box)

Oz's Static Gump (An in Game Pandora's Box) 3.0 AddFence Fix

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Q) How do I add my own customs to the gump(s)

A) You will need a tool like UOFiddler to get the item IDs. You will then want to open the appropriate gump in the Side Gumps folder.
I.E. = I want to add a custom fence. I would open AddFence.

I would then go to to line 29. Below line 29 you will see the itemID array. At the bottom before #endregion copy the New FenceInfo(###) add a comma to the last one, and then add the custom items with the copied Info. Make sure to add the commas as needed, but do not add it to the end.

Q) Can I modify the main static gump?

A) I wouldn't suggest it as it can be very temperamental if you don't edit it right. Please only edit the main gump if you know exactly what you are doing.

Q) There are Items that aren't showing up in the gump. What should I do?

A) Either don't place them in game as it could client you, or you could alternatively take the same amount of time I had to take to remove those items from your gump.

Q) There are items that aren't in the gump but are part of the OSI release. Can you add those?

A) I don't feel like doing that. This project wasn't originally going to be released to the public and was only going to be on 2 shards. I released it to the public because I saw a need for it. This is more or less for those who don't have Pandora's box or can't use it. (And other programs akin to it). This is meant to be a server side alternative and is meant to be a lot more customizable. There are tools you can use to find the ItemIDs that are missing. Also, I am not using a current version of the client and have no intentions to.