Oz's Static Gump (An in Game Pandora's Box)

Oz's Static Gump (An in Game Pandora's Box) 3.0 With an Alternative Static Tool Gump

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This has 2 versions of the Static tool gump, one doesn't have all the customization to it while the other does.

The alternative version is a lot like the very first version of the static gump. Please remove one of the gumps. This version isn't as plug and play, you will need to test both gumps and see which one either suits your tastes better, or which one works the best with your server.
This is a fix to the last page crashing. (Didn't stress test it before uploading it, now it's fixed)
Gumps don't refresh to page 1 unless you click on the button to bring the gump up twice.

Same gump type calls close previous gumps. This is to help with making sure your gump doesn't crash your client.

Only downside - You can't click the back button on page 0. At least you can stay on the same page neh?
I had all of my custom statics in the customs when it was supposed to just have an example. Don't want to be bogging your stuff down with all of the customs that might not exist on your client.

New Version, More stuff, and even a piece of the tool that lets you add custom things without editing the rest!

Hope you enjoy it!

It's basically a server side Pandora's box. Plug and and play and it's good to go. The only thing you may need to do is edit some of the side gumps to add more things to your each menu or possibly remove them!
I had a hiccup and didn't do the x -1 right, it was doing x -3.