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Oz's Static Gump (An in Game Pandora's Box) 2.1

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If it weren't for Espcevan's Addwall and Addstair, I wouldn't have been able to make this. My staff have been having issues being able to use Pandora's box.

I also have a friend who has his own server, and one of his staff members has a computer that refuses to run Pandora. This is more or less a server package that pulls directly from the server and doesn't require another program to install it. With everything inside of it, it SHOULD be plug and play. If you have custom content you will need to add it to the other scripts and not the main Gump script.

In fact, it would be wise to leave the main gump script alone as it could be very very temperamental in how it operates.

This should be just a plug and play with ServUO.

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