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Pk Gang by x-ray 2016-02-22

NPC Player Killer group

  1. RedBeard
    Original link:

    Put "HKGangSpawn" on a spawner and it will spawn a gang of pkers that

    what they do:

    - target a player from 200 tiles away (adjustable).

    - Hunt you down if you try to hide

    - loot player corpse

    - stay near corpse for set amount of time for chance of a rez kill

    - eventually attempt to return back home (or find new target)

    - Players gain Justice points for killing them

    spawns a leader (warrior type)

    and a chance for warrior or mage types up to 4 members

    My additions to this:

    Warrior types can self heal with bandages

    Mage types can now use detect hidden (scripted with reveal spell animation)
    to find stealthing players trying to evade.