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Primevil Lich Puzzle Update 2014-02-26

Primevil Lich Puzzle rewards

  1. RedBeard
    RedBeard_2-25_21.24.jpg Here is an update to the Primevil Lich Champion Spawn.

    Thanks to Ce Jayce for correcting my code.

    The lever puzzle has been updated with rewards as per OSI.
    >Bone Containers (red or black hue)
    >Skull Totem
    >Bag of Gems
    >Gruesome Standard
    >Executioner Platform Deed

    The random addon pieces that drop are still being worked on but will be released in next update.

    Also added the addons that spawn near the Altar
    >Executioners Platform
    >Ore Cart full of body parts

    Read text file included for details and spawn locations of the addons
    These are intended to be incorporated with the champ spawn a work in progress.
    For the time being enjoy 5 new rewards for completing the puzzle