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RCON for ServUO 0.4.0

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Main additions:
- Added compatibility with Matterbridge script (GitHub - kuoushi/ServUO-Matterbridge: A matterbridge connector for ServUO servers.)
- Added in long list of new log events that will be sent to target addresses
- Added two new rcon packets to add and remove log address targets
- Updated config format to allow for a bit more customization in what events are sent to the target addresses
- Updated how targets are handled, can now have more than one target address receiving logs from the server
- Lots of general code refactoring, per the usual
- Log packet format has been updated to be more consistent and easy to work with

Note, this change requires that you update your RconConfig.cfg file to the new format. Old config files will not work with this version and could potentially crash the server.

The wiki has been updated with a bit more information, so if you have any questions feel free to check there first to see if it's already been answered. If not, please ask.
Last update for a little bit, but this one brings us close to parity with the ServUO console.

Main changes:
  • World broadcast supports access levels now
  • Kick/ban/unban command handlers added
  • Status returns a bit of simple information about the server
  • Online user list handler added
  • Added flag to enable world/local player messages to be relayed to the remote host
  • Added flag to force joining of the specified chat channel in the config
  • Added some new command logging for a few of the commands
  • As always, code refactoring and cleanup
Check the wiki for more info on the new packets, as well as any updates to the older packets.
The new packet allows the server to confirm ownership of a given account with a new in-game command. This doesn't allow anything just yet as the number of rcon commands are currently limited, but in the future this could be useful to allow players to interact with the server through their own characters (or receive notifications) on an external server.

Check the Packets wiki page for a bit more information.
Solved the issue the script was having with the save command, and this came with a lot of refactoring things in the code again to support and better clarify which packets require which kind of behavior. Also improved code readability a bit.

Next version will likely include the finished server status packet + the challenge code expiration check, and possibly any other things I want to include. Possibly get list of accounts/players/online characters commands. We'll see where I get.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for direction of this script. Can't guarantee I'll implement any of them, but I'll do what I can.
I updated a few small parts of the script to make sure it works better with external bots, nothing too huge just some code refactoring.

Also, I've added a sample Python 3.8 bot that you can check the code for. It will also actually work as a Discord bot if you fill in all of the appropriate information in each of the config files (bot and ServUO). I'm not sure I'll be updating the sample bot's code, but hopefully it's a good starting point for anyone that wants to use this functionality.