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After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to render 3D models from Daz Studio (and a few other ones from games etc.) and turn them into sprites for UO.
This is a longer project that will probably take a long time to finish, as I have hundreds of sprites to render.
Whenever I finish a batch of sprites, I will add them to a new archive and upload it here.
I am rendering these sprites in Blender, and if it is something you'd like to try for yourself, let me know and I will gladly upload my .blend file here. Also, if you have any 3D model/models that you'd like me to turn into sprites, I will be happy to do so as well. I will also be able to turn almost any image into a painting sprite as well, and will gladly do that. I might create a separate project only for paintings though.

New sprites in version 1.5:
Version 1_5.png
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  • Rendered sprites v1.1.png
    Rendered sprites v1.1.png
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  • Rendered sprites v1.2.png
    Rendered sprites v1.2.png
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  • Rendered sprites v1.3b.png
    Rendered sprites v1.3b.png
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  • Version 1_4.png
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