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Runewords (Diablo 2 Style) 1.0.0

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Hey fellers, I actually designed this system for Ruins and Riches, but I'm quite confident it I did not use any systems specific to that package, so this should work for regular ServUO.

I never got around to adding all the runewords I wanted to but I didn't want this to go to waste, so download it, try it out, add your own runewords, change it, whatever you want!

It's drag and drop, however you need to find a way to drop runes and the rune board for players

The basics are this:
There are 16 runes and 1 rune board
You apply runes(d-click) to a rune board, then use the rune board(d-click) to mark the runes on an item.
As of now, the only limits on what items this can be applied to are that the item can't have more than one runeword, must be a weapon or some form of armor.(No rings/amulets)

For the technical details, when you apply a runeword, it adds 0.77 to the items weight, this was the only way I could think of to make this system drag and drop, otherwise I would need to edit the base item class. (When trying to add a runeword to an item, if it has .77 on its weight you won't be able to add another runeword)
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