Sickness System 101

Sickness System 101

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.NET Framework 4.8
*First and Foremost* - This system is not 100% tested for bugs with players, there might be a bug or two that will need to be found and fixed as this project grows!

I tried my best to fit this system into the existing framework of UO!

Being said, I'll only provide needed information so that player discovery is not bypassed by a quick read of the system here!

For the most part, this is a stand alone system, it uses existing delegates to run that exist in ServUO, at anytime if you deem the system not needed, it can just be deleted without worry of the shard saves being messed up! It saves to its own save file in the saves folder!

Set Up: In the IllnessUtility.cs top of script there are a few settings for chance, other than that, just drop this entire system into your scripts folder!

Start shard and add Medics to the towns, they are needed for the player to figure out what is going on!

The system has a total of 20 infections with cures, a Medic and Illness mobile!

The core of the system works off players over all health which is based on Hunger and Thirst vs Severity of Infection!

So a player would be smart to stay well feed if they want to avoid getting sick!

Core Features
  • Immunity checks on weather and dress
  • Medics can level overtime with use
  • Medics provide Tasks to retrieve cures
  • Rare Thermometer for player self diagnosis
  • Rare Medic Cloth to keep the Thermometer clean of germs
  • Brings meaning to Hunger/Thirst, Penalizes players for not eating/drinking!
  • InfectedMobiles.cs for easy mob additions (Infected Rat as Example)
  • 9 total infected mob examples
  • Staff Commands to aid in system control

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