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Snipe Hunt (A real one) 0.1

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A snipe hunt is a type of practical joke that involves experienced people making fun of credulous newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task.
So says Wikipedia..
I, on the other hand, say its real & designed to annoy players... Well.. MY version is at least. This contains 2 scripts. Snipe.cs and Snip.cs.. but both are NAMED A Snipe (chuckles evilly). They spawn with random body ID's of ordinary animals, have low htpts (which should make it fun since they have to be subdued before taming). They have NO redeeming qualities whatsoever.
My idea was this.. Put both the Snip AND Snipe on one spawner with a 20 minute to 1 hour timer and a large spawning range, then spawn it in a large area with lots of trees & critters. Long timer means no one knows when it will spawn next and the large spawning range means no one knows exactly where. Both the Snip and Snipe will show the name of "A Snipe" & will only show their true "breed" when shrunken while using FSTAMING or when using [props. FSTAMING will show the breed & [props will show either Snip or Snipe at the top of the window.
For the snipe hunt prizes... I leave that up to you, but for say a 3rd place prize, you could use a movable horse dung item renamed as the prize (everyone knows 3rd place gets a "crappy" prize), or whatever you wish to use. Prizes could be for most actual snipes tamed over a certain period of time or for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd ones in the "event".
Created & tested on a 2.3 server, but should work with most if not all since its just animals.
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