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Spellbar Ver 2.1 [ Final ]

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**NOTE: This a post indicates updates available with the newest release available on PlayUO only, all future updates will be posted there


Notable changes
- Player's settings are now stored in a Xml attachment instead of an item in the player's pack.
- - xml attachment to player is set to add on character create and login
- Options menu now has the option to open the Spellbar automatically upon login.
- Added a screen location selection for the Spellbar, so the player can set where they want it to open (similar to Vorspire's offset system for Vita Nex)
- Changed multiple int from public to private
- Command to open is [spellbar
** changes made to the ninjitsu and bushido files. you'll need to unzip the additional file and replace the distro files or the previously edited version of the files that I posted before.

What is it
A spell hot bar system similar to Djeryv: Spell toolbars.
I used his script as a base but expanded it to include all 7 types of magic: magery, necro, chiv, bushido, ninjitsu, spellweaving, and mysticism.

- All spells are combined into one hotbar.
- Fully customizable up to 4 rows and up to 30 spells per row.
- It can be locked, so it cannot be closed or moved.
- Can be minimized when you don't want it in your way.
- Can be horizontal or vertical

To use
**If you are using RunUO you may have to run compile a few times, block out the parts it doesn't like and eventually it should compile and work normally.

This system is semi plug and play.
There are additional changes required to make to Ninjitsu and Bushido spells if you want it to update and remove the alpharegion when the spell/ability is executed or changed.

Note: It does not include Core Expansion checks yet. So if you're using something other than the SA or HS expansion, you made need to make some changes.

Added with Omega Ver. 1
- Added Tooltips for all spell icons (if you have Tooltips enabled, you can hover the mouse over the spell icon and it will tell you name of the spell)
- Added checks to see if the player has a certain spellbook in their pack, if they do not, they cannot select it from the selection gump. If they have the book but it is missing certain spells, the names of those spells will appear in red.
*Credit to Ravenwolfe in helping to get this to work.
- Added support for sending the spellbar gump on change/execution of Ninjitsu and Bushido abilities.

Selection menu

Missing a magery spellbook form backpack

Missing spells from magery spellbook


Horizontal spell hotbar with three rows

Vertical spell hotbar with three rows

Options Menu

Gump Positioner screen
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