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Spider that spins a web 2016-01-03

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Here is a cool script I made. According to Ultima lore Spiders Silk was generally difficult to find. One would have to search caves and catacombs in search of the reagent. Many mages took to raising spiders for their silk because of it being so hard to obtain.
This Giant Spider spins a web 1 hr. from birth and then every 2 hrs until death. The web self deletes after 2 hrs. so no worries. The web performs two functions. It is a source of spiders silk random 8-12 no skill check.
Also if you walk into or over it, you will become paralyzed for 10 seconds; leaving you vulnerable to attack. On movement within 5 tiles there is a warning sound and effect of flies buzzing around the web (find it helps if you run a winter map as the webs will be almost invisible). The timers are set in a way that players can't farm one location, it also benefits mage Tamers who may raise them for their silk gathering 8-12 silk every hour.

Currently set to work in Felucca Only but easy to change, as all adjustments
are commented. If you use the Harvestable Reagent Scripts let me know, I'll
pm that version to you by request.

Other thoughts:
Make NPC's get stuck and anyone stuck become spider's enemy
Add a skill check like David's Trees
OnMoveOver chance to spawn a Spider that has a chance to Kill in
one strike otherwise difficult to kill.
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