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Tresdni's Security Suite 1.1

Catch those corrupt staff members and shard advertisers in the act.

  1. Tresdni
    .NET 4.0 compiled core
    This security suite helps protect your shard from corrupt staff members and shard advertisers, with three types of protection (at the moment).

    - Out of Ordinary Item Amount
    - Out of Ordinary Property Change (via [set command)
    - Possible Advertising or Speech Violation

    In the config file provided, you can set player names exempt from the system, item types to watch for (stack amounts), words to watch in players speech, and properties to watch for.

    When the system catches a threshold that gets surpassed, it will notify staff admin and higher, console log the action, as well as write the action out in SecuritySuite.log.

    This system is completely plug and play. Just put it anywhere in your Scripts directory.

    After you have installed it, be sure to adjust Config.cs to your liking.

    The system will scan your shard once per hour automatically for any irregular item stack amounts for the types you configure. The rest of the functionality is hooked into events and do not need any further actions.

    I've also included a command "[securitysweep" to force the system to perform and item stack amount check.


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    I've written what is here in about 6 hours or so, and plan to expand upon it's functionality. Please check back for any updates I might make :)
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