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Tresdni's Staff Instances 1.1

Create your own copy of a map to play around in on the fly.

  1. Tresdni
    Staff instances allow your administrators (can be changed) to create a copy of the map they are on, completely empty to play around in.

    Some ideas for use include:

    • Create decorations in an area on your instance, then [area set map on them to move them all at once to go right into place.
    • Create an event area to bring your players to.
    • Your imagination is the limit.
    [createinstance - Creates a brand new instance of the map you are on. The map gets named "YourAccountName" + "Instance".

    [destroyinstance - Completely destroys your instance, along with any items or non player mobiles on it and moves everyone back to Felucca Britain.

    You cannot create more than one instance at a time, and these persist through world saves.

    Now all of your staff can create their own world to play around in without affecting anything in production!

    *Currently works with any registered map. You might have to add widths and heights to Instances.cs for custom maps.
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