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Vagrant ServUO 2017-05-29

A private ServUO development environment powered by Vagrant.

  1. Tresdni
    Virtual Box, Vagrant, Ultima Online
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Kalan-Brock/Vagrant-ServUO

    Vagrant ServUO
    A private virtual ServUO development environment, with on-the-fly server set up.

    Required Installations
    Why Develop in a Virtual Machine?
    • Development dependencies do not need to be installed on your local machine.
    • You can bring up a fresh server to test or code on in minutes.
    • You can test and break things without it affecting your PC.
    • Many, many other reasons. You should google about Vagrant a bit, it's super cool.
    Setting it Up
    • Clone or download this repository wherever you'd like.
    • If your Ultima Online installation is in a custom location, change it's path in Vagrantfile.
    • cd to the directory of this project (where Vagrantfile is located).
    • Run the command "vagrant up".
    The first time you run vagrant up will take the longest, because it has to import the custom VM I created for it. After the box import, it will auto provision, download a fresh copy of ServUO, compile it, and then give two last instructions to start the ready to go server:

    • 'vagrant ssh'
    • 'sh /var/shards/servuo/ServUO.sh'
    Your shard will then launch.

    Stopping the Server
    In the console, click ctrl + c.

    Destroying Your Virtual Machine
    When you run 'vagrant destroy', the virtual machine itself will be deleted. Your servuo folder will remain, as it was synced to the project folder.

    Vagrant Up Notes
    If you run 'vagrant up' after you've ran 'vagrant destroy', be sure to move, or delete the servuo folder, so the provisioner can grab you a fresh copy.

    Connecting to Your Shard
    After you run 'vagrant up', you can load up Razor or UO Steam and connect to your shard.

    • IP:
    • Port: 2593