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Ultima Online Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunting Helper

  1. JBob
    UO Treasure Hunter Tools (UOTH) is a program to help treasure hunters manage their map collection and treasure hunting expeditions.

    Change Log
    Changes in Build 002
    • The menus should work properly on NT4 and Windows 95 systems.
    • The character menu item will no longer crash if you don't have any characters.
    Changes in Build 003
    • Corrected the shortcuts in the installation program so that they show a title instead of the file name.
    Changes in Build 004
    • Added the ability to export UOAM map files.
    • Added region printing.
    • Added the ability to allow the treasure information dialog to act independently of the main program window.
    • Added the ability to set the colors for the region highlights on the main window.
    • Added the ability to set the colors of the tacks for the treasure maps.
    • Updated all coordinates to exactly match the coordinates of the original web based software.
    • Corrected bug in the conversion of the coordinates from (x, y) values to longitude and latitude.
    • Improved greatly the error messages generated when the XML files fail to parse properly.
    • The program received a major internal overhaul and general code cleanup.
    Changes in Build 005
    • Corrected a bug in the UOAM export.

    I take NO Responsibility of making this nifty little program. I am just here to share with all of you.