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Ultima Online Treasure Hunter - Treasure Hunting Helper

UO Treasure Hunter Tools (UOTH) is a program to help treasure hunters manage their map collection and treasure hunting expeditions.

Change Log
Changes in Build 002
  • The menus should work properly on NT4 and Windows 95 systems.
  • The character menu item will no longer crash if you don't have any characters.
Changes in Build 003
  • Corrected the shortcuts in the installation program so that they show a...

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Interesting.. Any info on what this does, really? Does it wirk with custom map and treasure locations?
Oh yeah, sorry should have explained more.
It only works on tram/fel maps It can record what maps you get and what ones you have done. It also helps you look for the map locations.


Alot like the Stratics site

JBob, this is a great tool for t-hunters, my only suggestion would be to use actual maps extracted from Fiddler. They look a ton better (more detail is the key). You could even make them in a monochromatic format just like the original maps. Just my two cents, nice work though! :)
I didn't make this. Its just a resource i thought other people would like to have and use.