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Introducing the new in-game card game, UO Battle Cards! As a player of Ultima Online, you can now collect 1200+ cards from creatures you defeat in the game. The rarity and card type of the creature you defeat will determine the type of card that drops, with the ultimate prize being the foil card.

In UO Battle Cards, you can level up your cards by engaging in matches against AI or other players. These matches consist of 32 rounds where you flip cards and the highest card wins, with a twist - the cards will damage each other, requiring healing after each match. If a card is defeated, it will be kicked out of the deck until healed. The player who wins the most rounds in a match will be declared the winner and may receive a reward of a random card or gem.

Card levels max out at level 10 and can have up to three stat gems slotted for strength, intelligence, and dexterity. This gives players a reason to level up and improve their stats to increase their overall attack and defense stats.

To play UO Battle Cards, players must build a deck of 20 cards in their battle deck and choose a target to play against. The game engine adds 12 random support cards, including skill, special, spell, and trap cards, to the deck to add an element of surprise and difficulty. Additionally, there is a trophy icon in the battle deck that reveals the leader board rankings when double-clicked.

To store and sort your 1200+ card collection, you can use the card collector book, The deck and book can be purchased from the in-game vendor. Which also is your go to for Card Healing or Card Selling outside Player to Player Trading!

If you're a Shard owner looking to enhance your Ultima Online experience, UO Battle Cards is the perfect addition to your server! With its engaging gameplay and 1200+ unique cards to collect, it's sure to keep your players entertained for hundreds of hours.

Don't miss out on this exciting new game!

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*Battle Cards requires 37 Gump Slots for New Art!

Official Release Date : March 10/23

Code by Kita & Art by RedRooster
First release
Last update
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