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Gumps UO Custom Paperdolls (2nd Edition) 2.0

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I'm pleased to announce the 2.0 release of my custom paperdoll project. Unlike before where I only really went up to before Stygian Abyss. This time around, everything and I do mean everything was adapted and modified from the latest client. The one with pirate shields, demon belts, candycane staves and what not.

Now granted not exactly everything was properly converted. I still need to work on the UO Store robes and whatever hasn't been converted is likely due to either not knowing what race certain equipment is associated with it and or despite the item being in the gump list still (at the time of releasing this) doesn't appear to have an animation associated with it.

Though to be fair, around 99% has been converted and to make things more complicated on my end (and a major pain in the ass to the point of potential suicide) I had to transfer around 4000+ gump art from uop format into mul files, one by one.

That being said, I'm happy that I was able to at least reach the point where I could finally release this damn thing to the general public. Any way, have fun and if you have any questions/criticisms towards this project (trust me you probably will this time) feel free to shoot me up a message over on here or on Discord.

9/29/2021 Update: Just got an update from one of the moderators and it turns out I wasn't completely honest when I originally uploaded this and how you're supposed to get it to work. Turns out this WILL NOT work with UORazor. It has to be run through not only the ClassicUO launcher, but the client.exe version has to be version If I can (providing that my internet doesn't crap out on me) I'll probably have to upload my entire client onto Google Drive so that someone will actually be able to get this sucker working for them. I spent way too much time and effort on this project and I'd hate to see all this work go complete down the drain due to compatibility issues. I apologize for any problems I may have caused with this release since this is still new territory on my part.

I mean seriously, who the heck goes out of their way to not only redo the entire paperdoll system from the ground up in addition to snagging content from newer clients that I have no business bothering with, but to actually be foolish enough to offer it out freely to the general public?

Further Update: Currently tested this on ServUO emulator using latest client in addition to ClassicUO launcher and for once managed to provide some in game screenshots of this system in action. Turns out I kinda messed up on the shields at least for females. Not sure how it'll be on males but the point still stands.
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