1. Disable Paperdoll Guilds Gump, use Guildstone for New System Gump?

    What I'm trying to do is disable the GUILDS button on paperdoll and instead use the old guildstones, but on dbl click it would bring up the new guild system gump normally called in the paperdoll. Any guidance on this? It's been a few kids ago since I messed around with this stuff.
  2. yigitbaba

    Art Halloween Celebration: Free Halloween Paperdoll! 1.2

    Hello ServUO community! We are excited to share this specially designed Halloween Paperdoll for your server to celebrate the Halloween season. Customize your server's interface with this unique Halloween theme. Related Image:
  3. derekwsparks

    Paperdoll Border Graphic

    I am trying to replace the paperdoll border graphics to the ones attached below. They are the same ones the shard Grimmwold used before they shut down. I have UOFiddler, MULPatcher but am getting a little confused on the entire process of replacing the gumps and making the changes actually...
  4. Zigholtul88

    Gumps UO Custom Paperdolls (2nd Edition) 2.0

    I'm pleased to announce the 2.0 release of my custom paperdoll project. Unlike before where I only really went up to before Stygian Abyss. This time around, everything and I do mean everything was adapted and modified from the latest client. The one with pirate shields, demon belts, candycane...
  5. Zigholtul88

    Gumps Paperdoll Remake Project (1.0) 2021-05-31

    Well its finally finished. After almost 3 months or so I managed to redo around 600 of the original gump art. Replacing them with either new updated pieces either made from the community/what I could find via google image search or (in the case of mostly everything cloth/armor) stitched/cut up...