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Updated SA content 2014-12-17

SA Content

  1. RedBeard
    Lastest ServUo server
    I've seen a lot of requests
    Included in this package are various updates to SA content
    not yet implemented on the latest ServUo server.
    {This content is a callaboration of work done by many people;
    now it becomes more available to the community so it may be
    improved upon.}
    1. Stygian Abyss regions to add to your Region.xml found in
    Data folder. These regions are specific to Imbuing & Quest
    item drops.
    2. Mobiles edited to drop Imbuing & Quest Items, by region.
    3. Queens Loyalty System, Updated mobiles and quests to
    reflect proper point distribution. Edited HousePlacementTool.cs
    to block non-Termur Citizens from placing houses in Termur.
    4. Updated Imbuing (if you use it) to now have a "Queen's Forge"
    to be placed in the queen's castle, along with a blocker tile, to only
    allow Termur Nobles to use it. The royal forge gives +2 bonus while
    the queen's forge gives +5. [This is part of the loyalty system].
    5. Added missing quests (2 of which are Mondains Legacy Quests).
    6. Added the Fountain of Fortune to resurrect playermobiles in the
    UnderWorld and to give rewards when Lucky Coins are tossed in
    them. Edited UnderWorld mobiles to drop Lucky Coins.
    (see PlayerMobileEdit.cs for edits, the coin drops are rare so I didn't
    bother to serialize to keep edits simple in your playermobile.cs).
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheDoc
    Version: 2014-12-17
    Nice job muchacho.