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Wood crafting hue fix

Not exactly a script release, but a "fix" for a few. When using Carpentry or BowFletching, the colored wood hues never show up, making it sort of pointless to have them. Now they will and its easy. In DefCarpentry.cs & DefBowFletching.cs just add this
        private DefCarpentry() : base( 1, 1, 1.25 )// base( 1, 1, 3.0 )
        public override bool RetainsColorFrom(CraftItem item, Type type)
            return true;
Now, for the bows & crossbows that come out looking plain no matter what wood you use, I added this to both BaseWeapon & BaseArmor. Search those scripts for AddNameProperty & add this to the bottom of the list between BlueScales & default.
                case CraftResource.OakWood:         oreType = 1072533; break; // oak
                case CraftResource.AshWood:         oreType = 1072534; break; // ash
                case CraftResource.YewWood:         oreType = 1072535; break; // yew
                case CraftResource.Heartwood:       oreType = 1072536; break; // heartwood
                case CraftResource.Bloodwood:       oreType = 1072538; break; // bloodwood
                case CraftResource.Frostwood:       oreType = 1072539; break; // frostwood
Now, not only will your bows & crossbows craft in the wood hues, but will also show the wood type. And now for the final touch. Crafting lockable containers (wooden chests & such). In Scripts/Items/Containers open LockableContainers.cs & search for ICraftable Members (almost at the bottom). Then, make it look like so..
        public int OnCraft( int quality, bool makersMark, Mobile from, CraftSystem craftSystem, Type typeRes, BaseTool tool, CraftItem craftItem, int resHue )
            CraftContext context = craftSystem.GetContext(from);

            if (context != null && !context.DoNotColor)
                Type resourceType = typeRes ?? craftItem.Resources.GetAt(0).ItemType;

                CraftResource res = CraftResources.GetFromType(resourceType);

                Hue = CraftResources.GetHue(res);
            if ( from.CheckSkill( SkillName.Tinkering, -5.0, 15.0 ) )
Just 7 lines is all it takes to craft icy blue or bloody red wooden chests. :) That part of the coding is thanks to Vorspire.
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