1. Unable to access house menu

    Hi All I've scoured the internet and wasn't able to find an answer and hoping someone on this forum may be able to point me in the right direction. My problem is after placing a house, I am not able to access the house menu. When I double-click on the house sign the only gump i get is gold...
  2. [Skill command 1.0

    Invokes skill, same as clicking the blue gem in the skill list, but with a command. Some commands also have an alias, e.g. "disco", "discord", "discordance" or "hide", "hiding".
  3. FiftyTifty

    New to UO shard modding, questions about spawns & mechanics

    Hey nerds, ancient account that I never did anything with. But I'm fancying having a go at modding UO, and a lot of the tutorial links have rotted. So I've got a bunch of questions. I'll keep to the basics for this thread though. 1. How do I create Trammel's spawns, and select what is spawned...
  4. ImaNewb

    Decorate Command Slow

    Hello, I have been messing around with my shards decoration and noticed that the decoration generation seems to be very slow in comparison to RunUO 2.7. Is there something completely different that the decorate command is doing in ServUO compared to RunUO? Decoration for me is almost instant on...
  5. [go command error message

    Hello all, I've been experiencing a new type of error since i changed computers for my setup. Unfortunatley i did not copy over my ServUO map so i had to download the latest and reconfig it. Specs: - Custom made map replaced Felucca - Working perfect ingame. Running - [go command...
  6. Zigholtul88

    Sell Pet 2020-10-25

    Another command I made specifically for my server because I ingested a bit too much of the Old Toby. Allows players to get rid of any tamed creatures in exchange for gold based off of the target's base stats. That way, you don't have to constantly tame something, release it, then kill it off for...
  7. StaticHex

    Sacrifice Command Sacrifice Command v1.1

    A very small which adds 2 commands Sacrifice and the shorter version Sac which allow players to target a corpse and remove it for a small amount of gold (currently set between 6 and 10 pieces). Kind of tossing around a couple ideas as well so this may get updated a bit more over the next few...