1. GriffonSpade

    Opposition Tribe Dictionary S1.00

    This resource is a framework to provide easy-to-use ability to add multiple opposition TribeType enemies Note: System causes by default no deviation without adding additional opposed TribeType tuples. To make savages and goblins fight against each other, for example, change the Tuple Array...
  2. GriffonSpade

    AI True Speed S1.00

    Resource removes arbitrary speed penalties and adds speed controls. Note that by default this DOES cause changes. Controls are changable both in BaseCreature.cs and overrides in individual creature files. PassiveMoveDelay is set to 0.5, essentially replacing all previous penalties for average...
  3. GriffonSpade

    BaseCreature Skill Resistance S1.00

    This resource allows creatures to have player-like minimum resists from the resisting spells skill, along with an additional boolean to disable physical resist, and a cap. Nothing changes by default, additional edits to creatures are required. Installation: Basic Snippet Tutorial First, this...
  4. GriffonSpade

    Stat Scalars & Bonuses S1.05

    This resource is a framework for creatures' secondary stats (hits, mana, stamina, breath damage) directly correlate to primary stats (strength, intellect, dexterity) along with how to add an additional bonus instead of using arbitrary secondary stat declarations and additional breath damage...