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AI True Speed S1.00

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replace/merge snippets into basecreature.cs & baseAI.cs
Resource removes arbitrary speed penalties and adds speed controls.
Note that by default this DOES cause changes. Controls are changable both in BaseCreature.cs and overrides in individual creature files.

PassiveMoveDelay is set to 0.5, essentially replacing all previous penalties for average speed creatures, but only while not active. (Set to 0 to get monsters moving at declared passive speed)
MinimumMoveDelay is set to 0.05, preventing any creature from moving more than twice as often as a mounted player.
DamageDelayStart is set to 0.5, causing creatures to only begin to lose speed below 50% health. (Standard equivalent is 1.0)
DamageDelayFactor is set to 0.2, causing creatures that are nigh dead to move somewhat slower (For reference, standard equivalent is 0.8, mounted players move at 0.1, running players at 0.2, walking players at 0.4, many monsters default at 0.25, and formerly at 0.55)

Installation: Basic Snippet Tutorial
First, this cs file is NOT a loadable cs file itself, but contains a snippet that must be manually edited into basecreature.cs and another snippet that must be manually edited into baseai.cs replacing or merging with the existing one.

I suggest pasting the first, non-replacement, basecreature.cs snippet (property virtual flags) just below AlwaysAttackable and ForceNotoriety property virtual flags.

The comment tags themselves mark the beginning (//GS) and end (//GS//) of each section (either whole modules or a list of virtual flags and modules). I advise including them for future reference.

Use Ctrl+F and paste in the module names to quickly search for the modules in basecreature.cs and baseai.cs.

Contains the following existing module that needs merged/replaced:
TransformMoveDelay(double delay)
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