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Stat Scalars & Bonuses S1.05

make creatures' secondary stats directly correlate to primary stats

  1. GriffonSpade
    replace/merge snippets into basecreature.cs
    This resource is a framework for creatures' secondary stats (hits, mana, stamina, breath damage) directly correlate to primary stats (strength, intellect, dexterity) along with how to add an additional bonus instead of using arbitrary secondary stat declarations and additional breath damage controls.

    The individual scalars and bonuses can be overridden in individual creature files, allowing type by type control of their stats. For example, a humanoid creature might be desirable to receive 50% of strength plus 50 hits to mimic the scale of a player.

    Secondary Stat Scalars and Bonuses are, however, completely overridden and unused if the arbitrary secondary stats are set.
    Other properties are always effective.

    These scaled stats will also be affected by status effects such as bless and curse.

    Almost nothing changes by default. (creatures converting to/from being a paragon are restored to full) These are intended as tools to provide additional options and controls when making creatures.

    Installation: Basic Snippet Tutorial
    First, this cs file is NOT a loadable cs file itself, but contains snippets that must be manually edited into basecreature.cs replacing or merging with existing ones, and adding new ones (and patchnotes).

    I suggest pasting the first, non-replacement section (property virtual flags) just below AlwaysAttackable and ForceNotoriety property virtual flags.

    The comment tags themselves mark the beginning (//GS) and end (//GS//) of each section (either whole modules or a list of virtual flags). I advise including them for future reference.

    Use Ctrl+F and paste in the module names to quickly search for the modules in basecreature.cs.

    Contains the following existing modules that need merged/replaced: