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Bulletin Board Escort Quests - Quests

Bulletin Board Quests.
[This came from Origins Shard but, orginally I don't know]
Credit goes to: Enroq, NightShark, TestxD,
Po0ka, and Soteric

This is a remake of an old quest system originally
introduced in 1997, and discontinued at the time
of Uo Renaissance.

How it works: Bulletin Boards are placed at Taverns
and Inns. (Exterior wall outdoors is preferred, some
indoor regions in shops etc. won't read...

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I used to love the Bulletin Boards on OSI shards. I never could accept the fact they were gone ha ha... now they are back! :)
Here is a little helper. I went through all of the Inns and Taverns, and placed or moved Bulletin Boards on the outside wall somewhere. I saved all of those locations to the config files. If you replace your config files with these, which are standard ServUO decoration files plus the additional or changed Bulletin Boards, then you will have all of them covered. If you already have custom config files, then just look through these for "BulletinBoard" and copy the appropriate sections to your files.


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Hey all, i'm new to the community, and hoping some of you rock star coders can help me with some errors. I really love the idea of this script. I play with just a few buddies, not a real shard, but I think this is something they would absolutely love. I have RunUO 2.5 that i got at the link below.

After I open the server I got these errors.

+ Engines/MLQuests/Objectives/EscortObjective.cs:
CS1061: Line 34: 'Server.Mobiles.BaseEscortable' does not contain a definition for 'IsBeingDeleted' and no extension method 'IsBeingDeleted' accepting a first argument of type 'Server.Mobiles.BaseEscortable' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

CS0117: Line 53: 'Server.Mobiles.BaseEscortable' does not contain a definition for 'EscortDelay'

CS0117: Line 161: 'Server.Mobiles.BaseEscortable' does not contain a definition for 'AbandonDelay'
Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script files were found.
- Press return to exit, or R to try again.

So I played around with the code for hours (I am new to coding) and after a lot of frustration I actually got it to compile but the server kept telling me that most of the escortables were not loading do you want to delete the object y/n because it wasn't serialized properly, kept throwing exceptions, I kept saying yes to the delete object and got in, messed around for a while in-game setting up the bulletin board and left. Tried to go back in and same thing all over again, deleting objects until I can get in. Anyways all that work Is for not. Even though I love the script, that's not going to work so I went back to my original version. Hoping someone with coding know-how can fix this script for Runuo2.5 because it is obviously beyond me but I gave it a good college try, crossing fingers! I'll check back often, Thanks.