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Bulletin Board Escort Quests 2015-01-26


  1. RedBeard
    Bulletin Board Quests.
    [This came from Origins Shard but, orginally I don't know]
    Credit goes to: Enroq, NightShark, TestxD,
    Po0ka, and Soteric

    This is a remake of an old quest system originally
    introduced in 1997, and discontinued at the time
    of Uo Renaissance.

    How it works: Bulletin Boards are placed at Taverns
    and Inns. (Exterior wall outdoors is preferred, some
    indoor regions in shops etc. won't read regions properly).
    The boards will pick up escorts and prisoners closest to
    them and display a message. Town Escorts will give a
    brief description with escorts name, destination, and
    general direction from the board. example "I can be
    found a fair distance northeast of here". Prisoner
    messages will describe the type of horde (ratman,
    lizardman, orc, brigand) and a sextant location. Players
    can seek out these escorts instead of just going from
    dock to dock. You will need to despawn all escorts, and
    either use my Escort.xml file or setup new spawners on
    your own. This system won't work properly if they all
    hang-out at the same location <ie: Docks> Some slight
    changes made by me include:
    1. Nobles will now show a title of Nobleman or Noblewoman.
    as they should. [BroadSword]
    2. Seekers of Adventure ask to be escorted to random dungeons.
    as they should. [BroadSword]
    3. Prisoners will only ask to go to towns accessible by moongate,
    to allow most players to handle them.
    4. Peasants will only ask to go to towns accessible by moongate,
    to allow most players to handle them.
    5. Added escortable healer who only asks to go to towns with
    healer shops.
    6. Change escortable mage to only ask to go to towns with
    mage shops.
    7. Most won't ask to goto Magincia because there isn't anything
    8. Escorts are suppose to pay 500 gold. ServUo its 500-1000. I
    changed this to 500-750 for escort & 1000-1500 for prisoner.
    9. Modified all escorts... to drop old school colored sandals.
    with a 1% chance to drop a rarer hue on death, however if you
    attack them they will spawn Mercenaries to aid them [BroadSword].
    This will give some versitility to escorts if you have
    non-roleplayers. The merceneries will self-delete after 20 mins.
    so the shard can't become over-populated.
    Escorts will delete from Bulletin Board as quest is completed.
    Be sure to place all your Bulletin Boards before spawning or
    re-spawning escorts and camps.
    Place Bulletin Boards appropriately in your towns and place more
    then one in larger areas, every 60 tiles. One at each tavern and or
    Inn should cover it.
    If you want to set a prisoner on a spawner make sure it looks like
    **XmlSpawner: Noble/IsPrisoner/true
    **Change the ones in Tram/Fel Orc Caves when you get a chance!!!
    as well as the new Wrong Dungeon spawn has them in the jail cells
    on level 2[BroadSword]. {These won't appear on BB's as they aren't
    associated with a camp.}
    Backup your files and merge or replace with these.
    (*)If interested in making & adding new camps to this system
    ~be sure~ to do it on a duplicate server if you are not savvy with


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