Does anyone know any good windows web hosting? I prefer windows over linux due to simple fact of having both ASP.NET and PHP. Plus most of the time they come with both MSSQL and MySQL.

I hate myself for choosing 1&1 hosting as It's unbearable. Full-trust is disabled so most of the stuff will be limited you can do with it. Then after installing PHPBB forum on it I found out my user doesn't have access to the php temp folder(tried e-mailing tech support no answer). So you can't upload anything using php(so can't upload attachments/avatars on forum). I mean it's so crap that I just gave up and cancelled it, I've only had it for what 2 days? The only good thing is the 30 day policy.. so I hope to get my money back as soon as possible.

They don't respond to e-mail either I mean it's just utter crap.

Anyway, anyone know any good and tried windows web hosting? Really need one for two of my domains.

As far as free solutions I'd recommend looking at a few on this list:
I've been using that site to find free web hosting with good success for quite some time now.
Lately I have been using X10Hosting with great results. Of course I do all my own website design and creation via Dreamweaver so don't expect to find a built in website editor.
You just have to sign into the website admin account every so often or the account/website becomes soft suspended.
If you're not looking for free hosting, I'm sure someone will find this info useful.
It's not that simple, see first off it's a shared hosting thus I do not have access to the specified temp folder in the php.ini file. That is the folder I would need to set the cmod rights on.
I was told by the 1&1 tech support that apparently it's their limitation, as well as probably like 100's more that you find out later. I mean I feel so stupid to have fallen for this badly managed and supported hosting. And tech support suggested me to switch to linux so that the forum works...
1&1 sucks. Windows also has horrible support for php. If you're stuck with shared hosting (due to cost) I'd recommend DreamHost. They offer pretty damn good support compared to other services I've used and looked at. You can easily get DreamHost for about $20 for an entire year, also includes domain.

Or if your site isn't too big. You could go with cloud hosting.

ServUO uses ToggleBox. If you don't need much of a web server, you can go with low settings and get as cheap as $10 a month.
Do you really need windows hosting? Other than (Which I myself have rearely used) what else do you need it for?

Anyway if you are set on windows try these guys:

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I need to find out if Full Trust is enabled on ASP.NET applications and if PHP isn't limited as it is on 1&1.

I think once I do get the crap cancelled I might as well take some another hosting that is linux and just convert the site.